Roamsoft| Android Development

Android Apps Development

Recently usage of mobile devices is rising to surf website better than a desktop, but many websites are not supported for such mobile devices.

Roamsoft Technologies is a best and outstanding service provider in Android application development and developed many high-class applications. Android provides world-class platform for developing apps and games for Android users widely, along with an open marketplace for sharing to them instantaneously. Android has lightweight operating system, which is customizable, cost-effective & ready-made and widely used Smartphone platform across the world wide.

Benefits of Android Apps Development

  • UI Compatible Resolutions : Android systematically modifies your UI to look its great on every device, which enables you to control your UI on different types of device. Android tool offers an entire Java IDE with advanced features for creating, debugging, and filling Android apps.
  • Framework : Android application framework permits you to create valuable and amazing apps performing on a set of reusable components. We developed our skills in Android apps development that determines value-added services for your mobile operations.
  • Memory Cache Operation : A memory cache provides quick access to bitmaps and enhances responsibility and flexibility of UI when loading several bitmaps.
  • Push notification : On Android devices, application icon and message displays in the status bar when a devices receives push notification.
  • Google map navigation : Google maps is extraordinarily easy to use on Android device. This application detects current location and display it on the screen. Google maps on the Android delivers exact link to information about specific places. Google is a simple way to find way around using Android phone.

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